Booking Rates ( Hall - Courtyard )

Basic Rent

All Bookings for 5 Hours - Closing Time 12:00 midnight Basic Rent
(5 Hours)
Hall Rs.30,000 Rs.6,000
CourtYard Rs.18,000 Rs.3,600
Aircondition Rs.18,000 Rs.3,600
Dressing Room Rs.3,000 Rs.600
Preparation Room Rs.2,000 Rs.400

Additional lights & Equipment Rent

Facilities & Equipments Charges 5 hours
Satge Lights (30 Fresnel Lights 650 - 1000Watts) Rs.5,000
Moving Heads (4 with multi color / paterns) Rs.3,000
Colour Cahnger (2 with unlimited colours) Rs.3,000
Flame Effect Lights (2 Floor mounted) Rs.1,000
Water Effect Lights (2 on side walls) Rs.1,000
Colour Smile Lights - Sound Activiated Rs.1,000
Double Derby Lights - Sound Activated Rs.1,000
Low Fog Machine (2) Rs.5,000
Galaxy Lights - Sound Activated Rs.1,000
Laser Lights (2 Green, 1 Red) Rs.2,000
Flasher (3000 Watts) Rs.3,000
LED Multicolor Backdrop lights Rs.2,000
Sound System Bose (Surround Sound) Rs.6,000
Multimedia Projector (4200 Lumins) Rs.5,000
Multimedia Projector (1200 Lumins) Rs.2,000

Extra Decorator's Lights

Electricity Consumption Charges
Bulbs (upto 250 watts) Rs.25 each
Hanger Tube (upto 500 watts) Rs.65 each
Fans & Jhallers Rs.30 each
Extra Electric Point for equipment Rs.250 each
Extra Electric Point for audio equipment Rs.400 each

Security Deposit

Hall Rs.20,000
Courtyard Rs.6,000
Hall and Courtyard Rs.25,000

Zuleikhabai Hall

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